Winter Lights

Created for Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, New York, claims an important place in Tallichetís oeuvre because it enlarges her interrogation of installation art, demanding its renegotiation outside the gallery practice. The charge of this invited piece was to use light as sculptural form so that the terrain of Socrates Sculpture Park, in Long Island City, might be seen from across the river in Manhattan. Tallichetís goal was to create a work of art that would fill the entire space of Socrates with light in the same way that noise filled the space of the gallery in her installations. She also wanted to use light to make a grand sweeping statement and to evoke a sublime experience even from a great distance. And, since there are relatively few ways to startle New Yorkers, the artist chose to use actual construction site warning lights and police "emergency" lights to create the dangerously alive spectacle of a "police incident," a visual event that attracts vicarious interest and repels simultaneously.