Six Features

In her first exhibition at Robert Miller Gallery, Jude Tallichet will be exhibiting cast bronze, cast stone, and fabricated steel sculpture. Tallichet produced Abandoned Clothes, a series of work in bronze and cast stone, over the past five years. Each element is a different piece of clothing, frozen in the moment it was discarded on the floor. Collectively displayed, the pieces invent the sense of a bygone moment that involved a roomful of participants, implying rapture, a disaster, or an inexplicable event. Tallichet is interested in the notion that clothes are the body’s shifting margin, communicating a complex set of clues about the wearer's identity, desire, and class. By excluding the human body Tallichet denies us access to the full story and the isolated clothes create for us a mystery we must solve on our own.

The brightly enameled Advanced Mind Power, is an adapted mimetic image from the movie poster from Hitchcock's masterpiece Vertigo. This work presents another kind of challenge to our desire to "know" and understand sculpture in a glance. The spinning hypnotic device utilized in Vertigo's poster was designed to provoke primal fear, even to suggest madness. Tallichet's wheel is a kind of funhouse version, ominous, threatening, but a bit seductive too. As with the clothes, it doesn't tell its full story, but rather pulls our secrets out of common placement of each piece on the floor. back