Save It for Me:

Laden with anxiety, Save it for me depicts a feast, a ritual celebration of uninhibited self-indulgence and wonder. A bronze table yields to the weight of an excessive pile of bread. Cakes, muffins and champagne bottles are scattered throughout and candles drip incessantly into puddles of wax. Feasts punctuate the cultural moment of all societies, providing sustenance and pleasure on the one hand while reinforcing inequality, indifference and excess on the other. Thanksgiving, Passover Seder and Roman Bacchanals, to name a few, are social phenomenon that elucidate this dialectic and ultimately perform a demonstration of power.

Bronze has a long history of use in the creation of monuments and is itself a challenging signifier of value and prominence. The tactility of the objects caste and their temporality as sources of sustenance or of light, generate an aura. Part tombstone and part monument, the components of Tallichet's installation conjure a still life of decadent proportions and ominous connotations. Punctuating the stillness of the moment is the suggested buzz of swarms of insects that are represented in repeating columns on wallpaper.

Tallichet pays lavish attention to the symbolism of inanimate subject matter. Save it for me continues an exploration of tropes and iconography in preserved objects, referring to the banquet or feast, to the act of hording or stockpiling, dueling systems, and ultimately, excess. Save it for me borders on Memento mori, a symbolic reminder of our impermanence. back