Jude Tallichet fabricates objects appropriated from everyday life in materials ranging from acrylic, plastic and aluminum to neon lights and more recently bronze transforming them into playful postmodern tropes. In Career Retrospective as Charms for a Charm Bracelet, Jude Tallichet’s new edition of charms, which are based on numerous works from the artist’s repertoire, including a drum kit, a bear skin rug, an analyst’s sofa, and twin Empire State buildings, will be produced in three precious metals––bronze, silver, and gold and will be for sale as limited editions from $150 to $1,500 each. A buyer’s catalogue has been be produced in conjunction with the exhibition. The polished, sleek, design of the Airstream, a throwback to classic Americana, coupled with Tallichet’s use of precious materials and prosaic imagery, address issues surrounding utopian ideals, community, and contemporary American iconography. The artist re-contextualizes imagery from her childhood, which she describes as “a childhood so ordinary and American that I have a hard time distinguishing personal memories from the primordial cultural soup that spawned them,” and markets them as collectible trinkets. Nostalgia is latent in Tallichet’s body of work and the enduring resonance of the charm bracelet encapsulates this sensibility. The transient existence of the Airstream itself also emphasizes this notion of memory.